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All the bears in the book are based on the same, simple knitted bear, instructions for which are provided at the beginning of the book and are easy enough for even novice knitters to follow. There are 20 unique designs, including a hiking bear complete with boots and a backpack, a beach-loving bikini bear, a sweet honey bee bear, and a pretty pink ballet dancer, each with its own knitted outfit and accessories. Every bear has its own special character, and the reader is bound to find at least one they just have to knit. Suitable for adults as well as children, they make ideal gifts, and of course there is nothing to stop the reader creating characters of their own that they can personalise to suit a particular person or occasion. ISBN 9781844484829 Author Val Pierce
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20 to Knit. Knitted Bears. All Dressed Up!

Artykuł: 1021220
Termin wysyłki
Kategoria Hobby and Gaming Books
Wydawnictwo Search Press
Autor Val Pierce
Cena 35.00
Termin wysyłki Wysyłamy za 30 dni
Język Angielski
ISBN 9781844484829
Oprawa Paperback
Rok wydania 2009
Liczba stron. 48
Rozmiar, mm 207 x 156
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