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Gathering a remarkable collection of over 500 artworks, Affinities is a carefully curated visual journey illuminating connections across more than two thousand years of image making. Drawing on a decade of archival exploration at The Public Domain Review, the book brings together works from a wide array of sources — from manuscripts to ship logs to primers on Victorian magic — and casts them into a single captivating sequence. The result is a dreamlike tour through the stranger corners of art history: a unique celebration of the ways in which images speak to each other and to us. ISBN: 9780500025208 Author Adam Green
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Affinities A Journey Through Images from The Public Domain Review. Adam Green

Artykuł: 1011321
Termin wysyłki
Kategoria Art Books
Wydawnictwo Thames and Hudson
Autor Adam Green
Cena 251.00
Termin wysyłki Wysyłamy w 72 h
Język Angielski
ISBN 9780500025208
Oprawa Hardcover
Rok wydania 2022
Liczba stron. 368
Rozmiar, mm 220x290
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